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SQL Database Backup Server 2000 Backup and Restore

There are lots of different effective options that you have when it comes to PHP database backup and SQL database backup, but there is one SQL database backup software program in particular that you are going to want to be aware of, and this is the SQL Database Backup Server 2000 software.

The Details

This software really introduces the whole concept of recovery models for databases, and recovery models are basically designed to help and simplify the administration of SQL Server 2000 databases. There are three different recovery models available in this software: full, bulk-logged, and simple.

You can choose which you want, and your decision should be based on what your needs are here and what features you need to have included in your data backup solution.

You should also be aware of the Virtual Device Interface, and this is the programming interface for the Backup Restore API. What this feature does is it provides function calls to manipulate the backup and restore functionality in SQL server.

There is the option with the SQL Database Backup software to restore complete database backups, which is probably what you are most interested in here. A complete database backup can quite quickly and easily be performed, allowing you to retrieve any data that was on your computer before the loss.

It can be restored to the same or to a new or different database on the same or a different server. Just remember that it is most advisable for you to restore complete database backups at regular intervals, because this is really the only means that is currently available in order to verify the restorability of an SQL Server backup.

The SQL Server database is made up of two components, which are: data files, and transaction logs. If the server were ever to shut down unexpectedly, upon restart the recovery process will work to examine the entries in the transaction log and check to make sure that everything is correct and up to date.

It is easy to see why this SQL database backup software is one of the most popular options, and why you can rely on it for your database backup needs. Just make sure that you are aware of the other options that are out there as well, because there may be one that is better suited to you and your needs. By becoming more educated on this matter in general you will have a much better idea of which will be best for you.

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