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Sony DLT –IV Tapes Are A Vital Part Of Good Backup Data Storage System

When it comes to the right backup data storage system you cannot afford to compromise on quality and this is why it makes good sense to choose Sony DLT-IV backup tapes that are renowned for being very reliable as well as have capacity to store high volumes of information. The SONY backup tapes are first choice for the bigger enterprises in all parts of the world and are an ideal part of good backup data storage systems – no matter, whether you wish to backup data from your workstation or from a server.

Secure And Effective Storage

This part of backup data storage system is mostly used by big financial institutes and also by companies in the public sector – both of which require the most secure and effective storage mediums on which to store their vital data. The SONY DLT-IV tapes are very powerful as well as allow fast retrieval of information and they also boast of top class technology known as Half Inch Metal Particle.

These tapes are the ideal part of an effective backup data storage system as they provide as many as eighty GB of storage and data transfer speeds are so fast that retrieving as well as backing up your data is a real breeze. Their top class performance owes a lot to the Metal Particle technology that is used which helps in saving space to the tune of eighty Gigabytes of compressed information. When used with a DLT8000 drive the rate of transfer is significantly higher and reaches as many as twelve megabytes per second.

In fact, the SONY DLT –IV is a new feature to Sony Binder and it can provide superior performance and at the same time ensures that there is minimal wear and tear to the tape which is a major drawback with all tapes that form an essential part of good backup data storage systems. Sony is famous for providing users with a number of well liked as well as reliable options for proper backup data storage systems and the other options include the half-inch tapes, and the AIT or Advanced Intelligence Tapes, the Super AIT tapes as well as Digital Linear Tapes or DLT.

When you need good external backup data storage you will come across a number of options though which one you end up choosing will depend on matching the right software with appropriate hardware.

Most of the options in regard to an ideal backup data storage system that are being offered on the market today are well known for their efficiency, robustness, reliability and the new choices include Optical Disks that are versatile and very popular.

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